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Be prepared for any type of dabbing experience with the dab insert accessory set from Honeybee Herb. This set contains 23 expertly crafted dab insert accessories that will fit nearly any dab set up and provide for an even more enjoyable dab sesh.

The set includes a wide variety of glass and quartz inserts as well as a stainless steel dab tool and Honeybee Herb's unique Dab Claw tool.

The set includes a total of 6 quartz bucket inserts ranging in sizes from 15mm to 20mm as well several quartz dab pearls in various sizes and shapes. The borosilicate glass accessories include dab marbles and capsules, a ball and bat set, and a ball and dab screw set.

This 23-piece dabbing kit from Honeybee Herb will have you prepared for any banger or dab set up to make sure you get the most enjoyment and minimum waste out of your favorite extracts.

  • 23-Piece Dab Accessory Set
  • Quartz and Borosilicate Glass Accessories
  • Stainless Steel Dab Tool and Dab Claw
  • Perfect for Any Dabbing Set Up

Honeybee Herb Dab Insert Accessory Set

SKU: 37802496