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Brush - 15.7 inches long

Brush Head - 1.3 Inches wide

*This soft brush is designed extra long to scrub down into long necks and hard to reach glassware!



Brush size - 10 inches

Brush Head size - .59 inches

*This soft brush is designed to fit perfectly down into most regular size dab rigs!



Brush Size - 8.2 inches

Brush Head Size - .35 inches

*This stiff brush is designed to perfectly scrub your quartz bangers, nails and mini rigs



Brush Size - 8.2 inches

Brush Head Size - .27 inches

*This Mini pipe brush has softer bristles than the quartz brush and was designed to fit perfectly into handheld pipes to remove the grime you just can't seem to reach or remove.

Scrubber Duckys Every Size Brush Set

SKU: 71083856

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