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Phoenix Star 9.5 Inches Glycerin Bong With Recycler Design PHX650 comes with 9.5 inches in height. Constructed of premium boros glass, the glass bong is also equipped with built-in glycerin to offer you cooler tastes only if you put it in the refrigerator for one to two hours or more before inhaling. This glycerin bong features a unique recycler design, which brings smokers the smoothest hits with continuous filtration and airflow via flowing water in the chamber. And the recycler dab rig utilizes several holes on its downstem to filter the smoke to create more bubbles and more interface areas with water. You and your customers can enjoy the cleaner flavor without any hurts your lung. 

Phoenix Star 9.5" Glycerin Bong With Recycler Design Pink

SKU: 80020702

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